The amazing of Texel Island

4 DAYS | The amazing of Texel Island


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The amazing of Texel Island


Day 1: Hotel – De Koog
Day 2: De Koog – Osterend
Day 3: De Koog – Oudenschild
Day 4: De Koog – Amsterdam



  • Vehicles, drivers, fuel costs, parking fees
  • Hotel transfers
  • Shuttle service to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (optional)
  • Ferry ticket from Den Helder to Texel island
  • Visit the old St. Martin’s church which was built in the 11th century
  • Visiting the Vuurtoren Tower at Osterend
  • Ferry tickets include a guided tour to visit Marinahaven and see seal
  • Visit Amsterdam: walking tour through the city centre, visit the Damrak, the Royal Palace, the National Monument, the old church, the shopping district and diamond sharpener factory (if there is still time)
  • stays in a three-star hotel on Texel island
  • Indonesian / English speaking guides


  • Meals
  • entrance ticket for museums (optional guided tour)
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Gratitude





At 10.00 in the morning you will be picked up from the hotel according to the agreed time. After that we depart from the Hotel to Den Helder.

The trip will be approximately 93km or 1.30 hours from Amsterdam by car. And from Den Helder we leave by boat to Texel. The boat trip will take about 30 minutes.

De Koog is a real tourist attraction. It is located in a beautiful natural surroundings – is great for people who like to go away for a weekend.


In the morning around 9 o’clock departure to the village of Osterend. This trip takes about 15 minutes.

Arriving at Osterend – we take a break. Afterwards we discover the unique village of Oosterend.
Oosterend is the second largest village on the island of Texel. The village has an ancient church called Saint Martin, built in the 11th century.

After this we continue with a bicycle towards the lighthouse, the tower is located on the north side of the island Texel.
The tower is used for navigation for ships in the sea or hikers in nature.
At the end of the day back to the hotel, in the village of De Koog.


In the morning around 9 a.m. we continue our cycle tour to the village Oudenschild.

During the trip, there will be regular breaks. After that we will make a tour by motorboat to visit the sights in Marinahaven and hoping to see the seals. When the tour is over, we return to the hotel in the village of De Koog.
Arriving at the hotel will be by late-noon. Here you can rest for a while and enjoy your free time.


Around 10.00 in the morning we will leave for Den Helder. From Den Helder to Amsterdam will take about 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Amsterdam is a big city. The capital of the Netherlands
You will visit Dam Square in the City Centre, where you will find the royal palace. If there is still time left, then continue to the Diamond Grinding Factory.

IndoHolland Tours will explore the old canals of Amstererdam with you.



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Climate in the Netherlands
The Netherlands has a wet climate and is very volatile, so the weather cannot be predicted.

Climate in the Netherlands

ΟΟΟ chance of (very) hot weather
ΟΟΟ chance of (very) cool weather
ΟΟΟ chance of long-term precipitation
OOO chance of sunny days
For more information about the weather forecast in the Netherlands, you can click here .

Shoes and clothing
It is advisable to keep an eye on the weather so you can wear the right clothes and shoes. 

The Netherlands is part of the European Union, here you can pay with Euros (€). In shops and restaurants they also accept payments with a credit or debit card. Moreover, you do not have to worry, because there are ATMs available everywhere, in case you need cash.

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