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IndoHolland Tours®


IndoHolland Tours® is a young organisation, based in the Netherlands.

It is an officially recognised travel agency. The organisation holds a commercial license according to the laws of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

This travel agency IndoHolland Tours® was founded in May 2018 by a professional, qualified travel guide with more than fifteen years of experience in the tourism sector.

Most of our customers are Indonesian travellers who are interested in visiting interesting tourist sites in the Netherlands.

We offer tours for individuals, family holidays, and group holidays. We also have a variety of business programs, such as study or work related visits.

We continue to strive to give all our guests professional attention so that they can enjoy themselves completely. We like to think along with our travellers and customise our packages to the specific wishes of our customers. In this way we can help tailor a holiday based on style and budget.



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IndoHolland Tours
Elly Afriani