Hoorn Belanda Utara

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4 DAYS | Charming canals of North Holland




Belanda Eropa Barat


Tourcode: IHT-963018




  • Vehicles, drivers, fuel costs, parking fees
  • Drop/pick up Schiphol
  • Stay in a 3-star hotel
  • **3x breakfast in hotel
  • **3xLunch in an Indonesian restaurant / similar
  • **3xRice box dinner
  • Broek in Waterland: 2 hours boat trips around the village Broek in Waterland; and many more
  • Schermerhorn: Entrance to the Mollenmuseum
  • Alkmaar:a walking tour to the city centre; Wildemanshofje; Kuipersbrug; Rumah Accijns;and much more
  • Broek op Langedijk: Boat tickets to performances, to the traditions of vegetable auctions.
  • Hoorn: walking tour around the Hoofdtoren, Oude Doelen Kade and more
  • ** Entrance to the West Frisian Museum Hoorn
  • Enkhuizen: a walking tour through the town centre; Zeesluis, Dromeedaris, harbour; and much more
  • ** Entrance to the Fairytale Wonderland or Sprookjeswonderland in Enkhuizen
  • Edam: a walking tour through the city; Kwakel Bridge; Damplein; Kaaswaag; Houten Huis; Jewish cemetery; and much more.
  • Amsterdam: a walking tour to the city center; Damrak Square; The Royal Palace of Amsterdam; National Monument; New Church; Shop and diamond factory (if there is time)
  • Indonesian/ English/ Dutch speaking tour leader

Not included:

  • Airplane ticket p.p Jakarta – Amsterdam
  • Cancellation insurance
  • Personal expenses such as: telephone, room service, laundry, mini bar, additional food and drinks and other
  • Additional tours (**optional) that can be organized during the trip
  • Tax and service


Before you book, you can of course kindly contact us by filling in the form “Inquire now” below or send a short message via an email to info@indohollandtours.com




Tourcode: IHT-963018





Airport pick up at Schiphol Amsterdam Airport.
After that, proceed directly to Broek in Waterland. After spending hours on the plane, you are now in the village of Broek in Waterland. This village has typical Dutch houses on poles made of wood. This beautiful village also has a rich, beautiful and green nature.

When you arrive at Broek Village in Waterland, you will be taken on a tour by local boat and you can enjoy the natural landscape of the village and its surroundings.

Leaving Broek in Waterland, it’s time to travel on to Schermerhorn.

On arrival at the Schermerhorn you will become familiar with the nature of the village, the working windmills and grinding huts of the 19th century Dutch windmill. Then continue the journey to the city of Alkmaar.
Lunch: at the Schermerhorn

You are now arriving in the city of Alkmaar, a city in the province of North Holland. In Alkmaar you will take a walk through the city centre. There is also the opportunity to take pictures in traditional Dutch costumes. For those who want to take photos in traditional Dutch costume, in the studio, or outdoors. By the end of the evening head straight to the hotel.
Stay overnight in Alkmaar.



After breakfast, it is time to continue the day to visit the village of Broek op Langedijk.

However, if your arrival is at the right moment, you will be brought to the centre of Alkmaar for your trip to Broek op Langedijk to visit the Dutch Cheese Market, where this traditional cheese market is well known all over the world.

Time to leave Alkmaar and continue the trip to Broek op Langedijk.

On arrival at Broek op Langedijk you will have lunch first. Then take a traditional sampan ride or a walking tour with a local guide. During the canoeing, you will see the vegetable auction.
Lunch: Restaurant Broek op Langedijk.

Time to leave Broek op Langedijk, and continue the journey to the city of Hoorn.

On arrival in Hoorn you will make a walking tour and see various sites such as the Hoofdtoren, Oosterpoort, the Westfriese Museum and much more.
In the evening, you go directly to the hotel.
Stay the night in Hoorn.




After breakfast, it is time to leave Hoorn City and continue the trip to Enkhuizen. Enkhuizen is a small town and one of the port cities of the VOC, such as Hoorn and Amsterdam.

On arrival in Enkhuizen you will take a city walk through the harbour, a visit to the Sprookjestuin; and much more.
Lunch: at Enkhuizen

Time to leave Enkhuizen and drive on to Edam.

The town of Edam also organised a Cheese Market. The famous Dutch cheese market is Edam cheese. When we arrive in Edam, we make a walk through the city. Especially visiting historical buildings, such as the Kaasweeghuis. If you come at the right time, the Kaasweeghuis can be visited, you can see a show and you can taste the cheeses. Cheese can also be bought as a souvenir from Holland.
Stay overnight in Edam.



After breakfast, it is time to leave Edam and heading for Amsterdam.
On arrival in the city of Amsterdam, take a walk to the central square of Damrak, the Royal Palace of the Netherlands, the National Monument, the New Church, Shopping and a visit to the Diamond Grinding Factory if there’ s time.

It’s time to leave Amsterdam and drive on to Schiphol.


Please note! That the trip Amsterdam – Schiphol Amsterdam Airport takes about 30 minutes, so we need to get a confirmation of the departure time of the flight in advance. So, we can adjust the itinerary.

We wish you a safe return to your destination. And we hope to see you again!




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  2. The payment of 50% should be made no later than 3 months before the trip.
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  4. The group departs when the minimum number of participants has been reached.
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Our approach to preventing the spread of the COVID-19 virus:

  • Wear a mask while travelling;
  • To stay at home when you have a cold, cough, sore throat and/or fever;
  • Keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other guests;
  • Follow the instructions. The driver decides what is and is not allowed during the journey;
  • Passengers use the same seat as much as possible;
  • Please first request the passenger closest to the exit to step out. 

For vacationers who want to go on holiday in the Netherlands, they are recommended, of course, to be alert and consider carefully to seek information about Covid-19 at the moment of applying for a visa. Important sites related to Covid-19 in the Netherlands are listed below. Important sites related to Covid-19 in the Netherlands are listed below.

Important Sites:

National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)


Broek in Waterland
Local boats do not do this every day, depending on the month and season. And if the weather is not good, it rains, then the itinerary is changed to another alternative. We would advise you to inform us in advance of your arrival. 

De Museummolen Schermerhorn
Places of interest or museums are not open every day, depending on the month and season. In general, the museum is open from April to November. We would advise you to inform us in advance of your arrival. 

Alkmaar Traditional Cheese Market
The traditional cheese market is open on Friday from 10 in the morning to 12.30 of the first Friday in April until the first Friday in September. We would advise you to inform us in advance of your arrival.

Broek op Langedijk
The BroekerVeiling attraction is not open every day, but only at certain times depending on the season. The attraction is open from July to August.We would advise you to inform us in advance of your arrival.

Kaaswaag Edam
The Cheese Weigh House is only open at certain times. Usually open from May to October.We would advise you to inform us in advance of your arrival.


Climate in the Netherlands 
The Netherlands has a wet climate and is very erratic, so the weather is unpredictable. For more information about the weather forecast in the Netherlands you can click here.

Shoes and clothing
It is advised to check the weather conditions carefully so that you can wear the right clothes and shoes.

Currency in the Netherlands 
The Netherlands is part of the European countries, where you can pay with euros (€). Their stores and restaurants also accept payments with credit cards and debit cards. Moreover, you don’t have to worry, because ATMs are everywhere if you need cash.

Travel documents during holidays in the Netherlands 
During the journey, participants must prepare and have the necessary travel documents, such as passports, visas, vaccinations, etc. IndoHolland Tours does not take any responsibility for participants if there are any problems during the trip.

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Before you book, you can of course kindly contact us by filling in the form “Inquire now” below or send a short message via an email to info@indohollandtours.com