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Day 1: Doesburg – Bronkhorst – Zutphen



  • Vehicles, drivers, fuel costs, parking fees
  • Hotel transfers
  • Shuttle service to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (optional)
  • Doesburg: Walking through the city visit Lalique Museum, the Red Tower, The Martinikerk Church
  • Enjoy a horsetram through the city of Doesburg (optional)
  • Bronkhorst: walking through the city visit Chocolaterie Magdalena, Glass & Ceramic Atelier, Candle makers and surroundings
  • Zutphen: walking through the city visit the Houtmarkt, Het Gruythuis, Oude stadhuis, Nieuwe Stadhuis, de Waalburgiskerk, het Oude Bronhof, de Berkelpoort and surroundings
  • Indonesian / English speaking guide (tour leader)



  • Meals
  • Entrance ticket for museums (optional guided tour)
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Gratitude




07:30 o’clock

Deparatur to Doesburg.

Doesburg is a part of the city of Hansa, a beautiful city on the river IJssel. On arrival, you will be taken on a walk through the old city which is full of history and culture. A walk in this city would seem to be a long time ago, during the Middle Ages.

11:00 o’clock

It is time to leave Doesburg and continue the trip to Bronkhorst.

Bronkhorst is known as “The smallest city in the Netherlands”. This was once an agricultural village, which was later granted city privileges in 1482.

You will get to know the small town of Bronkhorst. You will witness yourself of the beautiful mansions, the houses of the medieval part of Bronkhorst, during the walk.

14:00 o’clock

It’s time to leave Bronkhorst and continue to Zutphen.

Zutphen also belongs to the city of Hanze. In the 14th and 15th centuries, they were active traders at the year market. Because of the success of the trade, the city was given the title of “Golden Age”. In the Golden Age, they were busy building cities where the architecture of the city is reflected, such as churches and houses that you will see for yourself when walking through the city.

If you arrive at the right moment, you can enjoy the traditional market activities in the city of Zutphen with the locals every Thursday and Saturday.

17:30 o’clock


IndoHolland Tours
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Horsetram in Doesburg
Enjoy a tour through the city of Doesburg. If you are interested in this, please contact us for reservations and for the availability.

Climate in the Netherlands
The Netherlands has a wet climate and is very volatile, so the weather cannot be predicted.

ΟΟΟ chance of (very) hot weather
ΟΟΟ chance of (very) cool weather
ΟΟΟ chance of long-term precipitation
OOO chance of sunny days
For more information about the weather forecast in the Netherlands, you can click here .

Shoes and clothing
It is advisable to keep an eye on the weather so you can wear the right clothes and shoes.

The Netherlands is part of the European Union, here you can pay with Euros (€). In shops and restaurants they also accept payments with a credit or debit card. Moreover, you do not have to worry, because there are ATMs available everywhere, in case you need cash.



Prices are subject to change depending on the season. If in high season the price may be higher.

Due to the tight demand schedule, high season prices are expected:

  1. Prices may change at any time due to changes in prices of fuel or other resources and/or taxes or charges levied by third parties indirectly involved in the performance of the Contract.
  2. Payments can be made in the amount of EUR (€) via the ING bank account number on behalf of IndoHolland Tours, detailed information provided on the invoice.
  3. If the payment has been made, please send a receipt confirming the payment.
  4. The confirmation of receipt shall be sent directly by e-mail
  5. Enclose a copy of each passport, the guest contact number who will arrive in Amsterdam.

Payment and cancellation


  • A deposit of 50% (DP) will be paid within 14 days from the invoice date.
  • 50% credit will be transferred no later than 3 months before the trip is made.
  • A full schedule is given 7 days before the trip is performed

Cannot be cancelled, There are no refunds, There are no schedule or schedule changes, There are no route changes, There are no changes in the number of people. If there is a change, we have the right to give a new price.


We reserve the right to change travel plans and/or introduce other destinations without prior notice, due to weather conditions or the intervention of local authorities, which are beyond our control or under the control of our suppliers. If the itinerary and/or programme is changed due to unexpected circumstances, we will try to find suitable alternative activities.

Price of 3rd person or child
The price of an extra bed is the same as the price per person in a double room (price for an adult). To provide three people in one room, we usually order a higher room category, this is for the convenience of the guests. Children between 2-11 years get a discount if they share a room with two paying adults.
Extra beds (folding beds) may not always be the same comfort as an ordinary bed.

Our shuttle service to Schiphol Airport Amsterdam is optional.

Travel Documents
During the trip, participants must prepare and have the necessary travel documents, such as passports, visas, vaccinations and so forth.
And if not, IndoHolland Tours HAS THE RIGHT TO REMOVE PARTICIPATORS if there are any problems during the trip.

21% tax included
All prices of the products we offer are including VAT.

Public transport
It is difficult for public transport companies to respond to weather conditions on time. In the case of “bad weather” such as strong wind, rain, snow, extreme cold or heat, etc., it is possible that their services will not be able to operate as planned. In this case, the use of public transport is not possible.

Stands for abbreviation

Motorcycle riding
  Get on board the ship
  Take a public transport or bus



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