4D/3N Discover Alkmaar – Hoorn – Enkhuizen – Edam – Amsterdam

4 DAYS | The romantic of North-Holland


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The romantic of North-Holland 


Day 1: Broek in Waterland – Schermerhoorn – Alkmaar
Day 2: Alkmaar – Broek op Langedijk – Hoorn
Day 3: Hoorn – Enkhuizen – Edam
Day 4: Edam – Amsterdam



  • Vehicles, drivers, fuel costs, parking fees
  • Hotel transfers
  • Shuttle service to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport (optional)
  • Broek in Waterland: touring the villages by motorboat
  • Schermerhoorn: a collection of windmills and old factories
  • Alkmaar: Walking tours to the city centre, Wildemanshofje, Kuipersbrug and Excise House.
  • Broek op Langedijk: discover the tradition of vegetable auctions by boat
  • Hoorn: Hoofd Tower, Oude Doelen Kade, West-Frisian Museum and surroundings
  • Enkhuizen: Dromeedaris, Spui and Haarbour
  • Edam: Kwakel Bridge, Shipyarad, Cheese Market (in the right month)
  • Amsterdam: walking tours to the city centre, Damrak Square, the Royal Palace of Aamsterdam, the National Monument, the New Church, the Old Church, shopping and the diamond carving factory (if there’s still time)
  • stays in a three-star hotel
  • Indonesian / English speaking guides


  • Meals
  • entrance ticket for museums (optional guided tour)
  • Travel insurance
  • Travel cancellation insurance
  • Gratitude





  08:00 hrs.
You will be picked up at your hotel and then drive to the village of Broek in Waterland. The village where most of the houses are made of wood. The reason is fear of flooding.
Upon arrival in this village you will be taken on a boat trip and enjoy the natural landscape of the village and its surroundings.

11:00 hrs.
After this you continue your journey to the village of Schermerhorn. Through this tour, you will get to know the village nature, as well as the still functioning windmills in the 19th century.

14:00 hrs.
Around noon we continue on to Alkmaar, a city in the province of Noord-Holland. Upon arrival in Alkmaar, you will be taken on a walking tour of the city that visits Wildemanshofje, Kuipersbrug and Excijns House. In Alkmaar, you will also have the opportunity to take pictures with traditional Dutch costumes. At the end of the evening you will go directly to the hotel.
Spend the night in Egmond aan Zee.


09:00 hrs.
After breakfast, it is time to drive on to the village of Broek op Langedijk. But if you come at the right moment, you will be brought to the centre of Alkmaar and visit the Cheese Market, where the market is already known world-wide. After this you will be leaving for Broek op Langedijk.

  11:00 hrs.
When you have arrived in Broek op Langedijk you will make a traditional boat trip. During the trip, you will also see vegetable auctions, especially cabbage vegetables. This activity is carried out by residents to maintain the tradition.

14:00 hrs.
Then continue the tour to Hoorn. When you arrive in Hoorn, you will get to know the sights of the Hoofdtoren, Oosterpoort, West-Frisian Museum and Oude Doelen Kade. By the end of the evening we will go straight to the hotel.
Spend the night in Hoorn.


09:00 hrs.
It is time to leave the city of Hoorn and head for the city of Enkhuizen. The town of Enkhuizen was one of the port cities of the VOC, as well as Hoorn and Amsterdam, a place of international trade with the East Indies. Upon arrival at Enkhuizen you will be introduced to the most interesting tourist objects: Dromedaris, Haven and Koepoort.

13:00 hrs.
It is time to leave Enkhuizen and continue the visit to the historic city of Edam. The city also organises the Cheese Market, which is the famous Dutch cheese, Edam Cheese. If you come to the Netherlands at the right moment, IndoHolland Tours will introduce this cheese market tour on the next day. By the end of the evening you will go straight to the hotel.
You will stay overnight in Edam.


09:00 hrs.
It is time to leave Edam and drive to the city of Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands.
But, as we mentioned above, before you go to Amsterdam you will visit the Edam Cheese Market and then continue your tour to Amsterdam.

13:00 hrs.
When you arrive in Amsterdam, take a walk to visit the city centre of Damrak, the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, the National Monument, the New Church, the Old Church, the Shop and the Diamond Sharpener Factory. By the end of the evening you will be taken directly to the hotel.



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Climate in the Netherlands
The Netherlands has a wet climate and is very volatile, so the weather cannot be predicted.

ΟΟΟ chance of (very) hot weather
ΟΟΟ chance of (very) cool weather
ΟΟΟ chance of long-term precipitation
OOO chance of sunny days
For more information about the weather forecast in the Netherlands, you can click here .

Shoes and clothing
It is advisable to keep an eye on the weather so you can wear the right clothes and shoes.

Opening of the attractions at specified times and months. If you are interested in visiting this attraction, it is advisable to contact us so that we can make a reservation.
As the tourist attraction is closed from November 2019 to March 2020.

Cheese Market Alkmaar
The Cheese Market takes place from 29 March to 27 September 2019. From 10:00 to 13:00 exactly every Friday.

Cheese Market Edam
The cheese market is only organised in the summer. And this is not meant to be an industry, but is aimed at developing local tourism.

The cheese market is held from 3 July to 21 August 2019. Every Wednesday 10:30 – 12:30.
Opening and closing of the market days are marked by the bells ringing

Broek op Langedijk
This is not open every day, but only at given times, depending on the season.
The attraction is open from July to August 2019. Opening hours are from Monday to Sunday and from 10:00 to 17:00.

The Netherlands is part of the European Union, here you can pay with Euros (€). In shops and restaurants they also accept payments with a credit or debit card. Moreover, you do not have to worry, because there are ATMs available everywhere, in case you need cash.

Our shuttle service to Schiphol Airport Amsterdam is optional.

Travel Documents
During the trip, participants must prepare and have the necessary travel documents, such as passports, visas, vaccinations and so forth.

And if not, IndoHolland Tours HAS THE RIGHT TO REMOVE PARTICIPATORS if there are any problems during the trip.

Land Arrangement
All the products we offer are in the format of a land arrangement, which means that the prices do not include plane tickets from the country of origin.

All prices of the products we offer are including VAT.