Tourcode: IHT-964218

     1 Day

  1 Day Included:

  • Transportation vehicles during trips according to the itineari program
  • You can drink coffee/tea as much as you like.
  • cake
  • Lunch with soup
  • Visit the ceramic factory “de Porceleyne Fles”.
  • 1x dinner at an Indonesian restaurant
  • Photo-Puzzle Toys
  • A canal boat trip through the city of Delft
  • Special souvenirs from the city Delft Blue
  • Riding on Tuk Tuk or Horse-tram 
  • English / Indonesian language guide (if requested)

Not Included:

  • Visa
  • Personal expenses
  • The horses tram (carriage)

**All prices include VAT **

10:30 o’clock
Welcoming with coffee/tea (unlimited) with cake at Gasterij ‘t Karrewiel

11:15 o’clock
Photo-Puzzle tour incl. gift

12:45 o’clock
Lunch buffet with soup at Gasterij ‘t Karrewiel

14:00 o’clock
Canal cruise, ending at;

15:00 o’clock
Visit the Delft ceramics factory “De Porcelyne Fles” including a visit to the Delft Blue Giftshoop.

16:15 o’clock
We take six persons Tuk Tuks or the Horse Tram back to Gasterij ‘t Karrewiel.

17:00 o’clock
Free time for an hour, taking pictures of the surroundings

18:00 o’clock
Dining at the table and enjoying the delicious meals from Indonesian cuisine.

The tour is ended.

We hope you enjoyed it and that we will see you again. On behalf of IndoHolland Tours we wish you a very nice trip home!

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Situatie en Conditie
We IndoHolland Tours are flexible. You can choose between  public transport or with a private car. If you choose to go by local public transport, we will work together. The use of public transport is for a maximum of 5 people.

Please note: the winter period in the Netherlands is from October to February. In bad weather (for example when there is a lot of snow) it can happen that the public transport is canceled. The weather conditions in the Netherlands are variable and difficult to predict. If public transport is not available, we use private vehicle. The rate is calculated on that day and has to be paid by the customer.

The Horse tram
There are some activities that only take place in the summer (April/August). Please specify in advance which activity(s) you would like to see or do.  

Keep in mind that the churches are closed on Sundays.  

The weather in the Netherlands
The Netherlands has 4 seasons. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. In the spring and summer (April/August) period it is generally nice weather and a pleasant temperature (about between 20 and 30 degrees). In autumn (September/November) it rains a lot and the wind is strong. The sky is grey and there is a lot of cloud cover. In winter (December/February) it can be light freezing and there is a chance of snow. If you are planning to come to the Netherlands, take the season into account, so you can prepare yourself for the weather conditions. Our advice is to bring suitable clothing. Think of warm clothing or umbrellas, sunglasses etc. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes if you want to take a lot of walks.

For more information about the Dutch weather I would like to refer you to this link click here click hier

The Netherlands is part of the European Union (EU). So you pay with euros. Most of the shops and restaurants accept a credit card or debit card of the bank. You do not have to worry, because the ATMs can be found everywhere when you need some cash.

Bring all the important documents if you plan to go more to multiple European countries. Inform yourself well about this. Make sure you have everything ready so that you won’t have any problems later on (for example with your visa or passport) IndoHolland Tours is NOT RESPONSIBLE for arranging these kinds of documents. If you do have problems with your Visa or Passport (or other personal documents), IndoHolland Tours is not responsible and you will have to arrange this by yourself.

      By public transport
   By private car
     By boat
   By scooter

Public transport
In case of bad weather, it is possible that public transport is not in operation in the Netherlands. Please keep in mind that this cannot be predicted. The public transport service company will inform you of the timetable on the day itself.

Written by Elly